Barista Testimonials

Read what our trained baristas think about our sessions!

    Advanced Barista Training

    Adam highlighted the important differences/small points which make the difference between up-selling and less GP at our unit - very useful! Would recommend to anyone in the industry

    - Adi

    Basic Barista Training

      I thought the day was enjoyable and informative and Adam was a very approachable trainer  

    - Loren

    Basic Barista Training

      Adam was very helpful and eagerly answered any questions. I now feel comfortable with my barista skills  

    - Benjamin

    Basic Barista Training

      Good and steady delivery pace. Nice atmosphere... Thanks!  

    - Jada

    Kimbo Training Day

      I have really enjoyed the training. The trainer was clear, calm, patient, really approachable and I've learnt a lot more! Now I feel much more confident about my job  

    - Marta

    Kimbo Training Day

      Adam is fantastic! This cannot be overstated. Always pessimistic about staff training courses, but this one is worth it for anyone who wants their team to serve great coffee  

    - Michael

    Basic Barista Training

      Great session! This will give us the basic knowledge to start our new business  

    - Paul

    Advanced Barista Training

    "Extremely informative, with a hands on  practical aspect that provided the ideal environment to learn the skills required. Also, on a side note, I had a great time!"

    - Nina

    Advanced Barista Training

    "These courses are great, thoroughly enjoy!"

    - Fiona

    Kimbo Training Day

    "Adam is an amazing trainer. He is very clear on right and wrong. Very confident in his work. THANK YOU ADAM!"

    - Michelle

    Basic Barista Training

    "Adam was great, I found out loads of new things about coffee. Very happy :)"

    - Charlotte

    Basic Barista Training

    "My trainer, Adam, was very professional and explained every detail in perfect clarity. He was very patient and answered all my questions to my satisfaction and understanding. I am happy"

    - Phillomina

    Basic Barista Training

    "Fun-tastic and enjoyable learning experience. Looking forward to the Advanced course"

    - Takne

    Basic Barista Training

    "Adam has been a good teacher, funny and he gave me more help for the things I missed. Very instructive"

    - Erminia

    Basic Barista Training

    "Really enjoyed today, very informative. Looking forward to the next level!"

    - Olly

    Basic Barista Training

    "Adam was really patient and was good fun! See you for the advanced training!"

    - Pip

    Kimbo Barista Day

    "Very helpful training in easy steps. Very engaging and friendly personality. Impressed!"

    - Emma

    Advanced Barista Training

    "Adam made the training very interesting and enjoyable. Very engaging!"

    - Aimee

    Advanced Barista Training

    "Adam was always happy to answer questions and come back to things to help our understanding. Very professional but also personable"

    - Suzi

    Basic Barista Training

    "It was a great session, really educational but also fun. Thank you for a great session :)"

    - Rhian

    Advanced Barista Training

    "I think it has been really useful and I really enjoyed it. Adam was great"

    - Claudia

    Basic Barista Training

    "Overall a great day. Adam spoke pleasantly and calmly but assertive! Background music to help environment. Plenty of knowledge and materials to learn from. Thank you!"

    - Rebecca

    Advanced Barista Training

    "Not only a fun training session, but also very informative. I came away with more knowledge than I walked in with!"

    - Layton

    Advanced Barista Training

    "Fun and enjoyable teaching which made the day entertaining and will go away knowing a lot more about coffee!"

    - Nicole

    Kimbo Training Day

    "Adam was friendly and professional. Now we know what a great coffee should look and taste like! Thanks"

    - Mark

    Kimbo Barista Training

    "Really enjoyed the day! Adam knew everything there was to know about Kimbo coffee! Thanks for having us"

    - Grace

    Basic Barista Training

    "It was a really nice experience. I learnt a lot about Kimbo coffee and coffee machines. A very professional course"

    - Alejandro

    Advanced Barista Training

    "Thorough knowledge and very interesting, would recommend to anyone"

    - Tom

    Kimbo Training Day

    "Great 'Speed Challenge'!"

    - Nicholas

    Advanced Barista Training

    "I think it was very interesting and I learnt a lot!"

    - Annabel

    Advanced Barista Training

    "The training was fun and insightful"

    - Emily

    Kimbo Training Day

    "I really appreciate Adam's expertise. I have definitely improved my knowledge with his help, he really guided us to continue improving"

    - Bruno

    Kimbo Training Day

    "It was very useful and I now have a better knowledge of Kimbo and making coffee"

    - Lucy

    Kimbo Training Day

    "Really good day. Adam is an awesome instructor and cannot wait to come back for more training!"

    - Aisung

    Basic Barista Training

    "I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the course, which flew by. I learnt an awful lot about making good coffee!"

    - Karen

    Basic Barista Training

    "Adam was incredibly knowledgeable and explained everything thoroughly with excellent hands on experience"

    - Tim

    Basic Barista Training

    "Very informative and interactive!"

    - Sara

    Advanced Barista Training


    - April


    "Centrepoint has teamed up with Kimbo to help homeless young people into work.

    From their bespoke barista training centre Kimbo are training homeless young people in barista skills.

    This will help our young people to find work and give them the confidence and independence to leave homelessness far behind"

    - John Raynham, Head of Innovation & Enterprise


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