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    Beans & Greens

    I stopped by to meet husband and wife team Fredrik and Glenda at their cool café in Kingston, Beans & Greens. Opened in late 2016, Beans & Greens serves fabulous fresh juices, delicious homemade healthy snacks (vegan cake, Swedish cinnamon buns) and of course, outstanding Kimbo coffee.

    With Fredrik coming from Sweden and Glenda from Italy, there’s an Italian Swedish fusion running through the café, however, on the coffee, the Italian side took charge. Fredrik and Glenda reminisce over their trips to Naples, where they had cups and cups of glorious Kimbo. They were delighted when they discovered Kimbo was available in the UK and when opening Beans & Greens Fredrik says simply “We had to have it!”

    Since opening they have had a loyal coffee customer base, coming in every morning. Fredrik describes how “A lot of people walk by and see the Kimbo sign – they’ll come in because they’ve seen that – and they enjoy the coffee a lot!”

    Moving on to the support Kimbo have offered, barista training has been a vital part of getting the coffee up to scratch. Fredrik says “We found it really hard to find baristas to employ, and coming from a banking background I had no experience or knowledge of how to make coffee. So for us, as a Kimbo customer, we could take all our employees (and myself) to learn how to make a proper coffee…It’s a great service.”

    To conclude our chat, Fredrik summarises, “The one thing that I’d say, we do have a lot of healthy options here, but really, when it comes down it, for me I only pick the things that I like, I only make coffee that I like, I only sell products that I would have myself. I wouldn’t go for something just because it was healthy because I think you should eat and drink what you enjoy – and that’s key!”

    Visit the Beans & Greens website here


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