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    Kimbo Cuccuma

    Kimbo has brought the traditional Neapolitan ‘flip’ coffee pot back to life, combining Neapolitan coffee culture and modern innovation

    The Cuccuma delivers a coffee aroma which immediately transports the drinker to the lively and exciting city of Naples

    The 3-4 minute preparation time allows complex flavours to develop, brewing a filter coffee with great body and leaving a refreshingly clean palate

    Bravilor Bonamat B Series

    For large quantities of fresh filter coffee brewed quickly, look no further than the Bravilor B Series

    Made of robust, high quality stainless steel the B series comes in a variety of sizes: 5, 10 and 20 litre

    The machines are simple to program and use, with a built in timer so you can carry out other tasks while your coffee brews. They are also equipped with digital display, total and day counters, descale system, coffee-is-ready signal and optimum security provisions

    Coffee Queen M2

    A simple and cost effective filter machine

    With two jugs and two hot plates, you can have up to 24 cups on the go at one time

    Load the coffee and manually pour the water in the top for a delicious brew in about 6 minutes


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