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    La Cimbali M34 Selectron

    A great looking and reliable machine from La Cimbali

    The M34 embraces new technology to deliver top quality coffee as well as to save energy. The machine can instruct the Magnum on-demand grinder (also available from Kimbo) via Bluetooth to ensure the grind and dose is correct every time

    There’s also a turbosteam wand (as well as a regular wand) with four settings. The energy saving mode is great when there are lulls in service and the Smart Boiler is insulated to reduce heat loss

    All this wrapped in a beautifully designed, robust exterior!

    Casadio Quindici

    Brought to you by Italy's favourite manufacturer Cimbali group, and exclusive to Kimbo in the UK, this elegant and versatile machine is easy to use, allowing features to be programmed to your preference

    It offers incredible value for money and is ideal for making 50 - 250 coffees per day

    The sleek polished aluminium and steel body is smart and functional - this truly is a reliable, solid machine

    Pre-Owned Machines

    An affordable way to buy a coffee machine is to go second hand

    At Kimbo we have a number of options to choose from - just get in touch to see what we've currently got available

    All our pre-owned machines are fully refurbished. If outright purchase is not viable for you, we can tailor leasing and rental options to suit your needs and budget

    We can include warranty, servicing and maintenance packages on request (via a service partner)

    Sanremo Zoe

    Under a customisable, colourful exterior lies a fantastic, reliable machine

    The Zoe is pop of colour for any location and produces top quality coffee consistently. The actual body of the machine is also the support frame - using a technique found in F1 racing cars

    This clever approach allows the Zoe to offer Sanremo quality at a realistic budget. We love these machines so much we have three in our training school

    Tight on space, check out the Sanremo Zoe Compact here!

    Sanremo Verona

    The Verona SED model is classic retro with an iconic American elegance.

    Not just a machine of beauty, the Verona can handle high volumes of coffee production and allows you to customise many technical features.

    The Verona truly is a stunning piece of design and engineering.

    Available as: 2 Group, 2 Group Tall Cup, 3 Group

    Sanremo Café Racer

    Inspired by motorcycles, innovated by champions, built by Sanremo

    The Café Racer is a machine in the top league, for the true barista. This is advanced espresso technology; designed for speed, precision, ease of use and endless customisation

    A beautiful showstopper, the Café Racer is for those who are seriously serious about coffee

    Available as: 2 Group, 3 Group

    Sanremo Zoe Compact

    All the beauty and performance of a full-sized Zoe - condensed!

    Perfect espresso based drinks - even if you have limited space. The two groups and two steam arms are packed into just 53cm width

    Colourful, reliable and a real treat to use, the Zoe really is one of our favourite machines

    BFC Classica Leva

    A beautiful traditional lever machine made in Italy by BFC

    Simple to use and maintain


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