Tradition meets Innovation at The London Coffee Festival

THE coffee event of the year was a corker (and a scorcher!) this April. We were so excited to be back at The London Coffee Festival that even the heat couldn’t phase us! Set in the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane (the trendy side of town) we got our fabulous new products (and some oldies) out and let the coffee flow!

Our stand was designed to be a modern take on a traditional Italian espresso bar – welcoming and comfortable with coffee taking centre stage. We couldn’t resist putting up a few vintage pictures and displaying our collection of beautiful old coffee makers to show off our history. ‘Tradition meets Innovation’ is the Kimbo mantra and summed up the spirit of our beautiful stand.

We were thrilled to officially launch the Kimbo Cuccuma. Imagine the smoothest filter coffee you’ve ever had, and then imagine smoother – that’s what the Cuccuma delivers. Based on the most traditional Neapolitan way of preparing coffee, the Cuccuma uses only gravity to filter hot water through a layer of coffee. The delighted looks of those who tried one at the festival said enough! A treat for home users (but also available wholesale), these simple and beautiful pieces of kit are available now on our online shop.

Home users can now enjoy our popular Fairtrade and Organic blend BIO – it’s available on our online shop in a stylish 250g pre-ground tin. The blend, which won a Caterer Product Excellence award in 2015, went down a treat at the festival. As one of the lightest Kimbo roasts BIO is perfectly suited to the UK consumer’s flavour profile.

Our other star of the show was the Sanremo Napoli. One of the most beautiful espresso machines we’ve seen in a while, it made some absolutely stunning coffees. We spent a good few hours in the weeks before the show playing around with the manual pre-infusion that traditional levers allow you control. The Napoli was such a delight to use and combines the lever machine tradition with Sanremo quality innovation (there’s that mantra again!) – it made our Kimbo coffee sing!

So that was our London Coffee Festival, a caffeine-fuelled few days of tasting, sipping, slurping and talking coffee with some brilliant people! We had a great time… Same again next year!