Are we compatible?

We’ve made our Nespresso© compatible capsules in the classic Kimbo way; with plenty of coffee (5.8g to be precise) packed in to each capsule for a strong intense flavour. That’s more coffee than any other compatible capsules on the market – we like to be generous! So far we have three delicious blends (more coming soon); and obviously we love them all. But to help you decide which blend could be for you, here’s a little flavour guide…

Armenia 100% Arabica

9/13 Intensity (on the Nespresso© scale). The mildest of the selection still packs a punch! An excellent blend of 100% Arabica coffee from South America and Central Africa. Releasing an exquisite aroma that evokes fresh flowers, balanced by a subtle note of toasted bread.


10/13 Intensity. A classic Neapolitan blend. Made with the finest Arabica coffee from Central and South America combined with a touch of Robusta from Asia. Well-balanced, full-bodied and sweet, with pleasant floral notes and aromas of fresh baked biscuits.


12/13 Intensity. As the name implies, Intenso is the strongest of the bunch. A dark roasted coffee, typical of the Neapolitan tradition. Intense aroma with a full body and a lingering aftertaste with notes of dark chocolate.
So, what do you reckon? Are you a 9 or a 12? Of course you could always just try all three… we would!