Advanced Barista Training

A full day of coffee training to take your barista skills to the next level.

The course has been designed for those with some existing barista experience. It's all about perfecting those drink making skills and developing a wider understanding of the ever evolving coffee industry.

The Course deals with various aspects concerning the world of coffee, beginning with its discovery in Ethiopia up to its global dominance.

The day continues with some technical contents, such as grinder set up, steaming techniques and milk management, also maintenance of the espresso machine & grinder. 

Furthermore, it will cover coffee species/varieties, plant management, harvesting & coffee processes.


  • Coffea: Historical context & Global spread 
  • Coffea Arabica Vs Coffea Canephora
  • Genus - Species - Variety 
  • Espresso: Calibration & Sensory evaluation 
  • Steaming technique & Milk management
  • Build the coffee menu 
  • Operation, care and machinery maintenance 
  • Coffee harvesting & Coffee processes 


10.00- 15.30


£ 199 per person


Mr. Nicola Pace

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